Guided Visit

2016 (esperado), 70 min, HD, B&N, Argentina

Dirección Y Guion: Juan Hendel

Producción: Malaria

Estado del Proyecto

En desarrollo

Cronograma de Producción

2015 Rodaje
2016 Finalización


“We must dig like archaeologists and comb our degraded landscapes to find something new.” Werner Herzog

A documentary on the question of origin

Why humans stubbornly know about their origins, in connecting with this? Imagine finding in those answers? What enigmatic motivation leads him to dig to the depths in some cases and that reason leads him to avoid the subject sharply in others?

The film follows David Piazza, head of the guided tours of a quarry located in Marcos Paz, city of Buenos Aires, where most recently was discovered a reserve of giant mammals that inhabited this area in the ice age, especially an unusual number of visits mastodons.

The process of collecting, study, save and subsequent display in a museum that is half done, will be also part of this fantastic journey through a crusade for big events history.