The stretch

2012, 64 min, HDV, Color, Argentina

Guión y dirección: Juan Hendel

Producción: IMPOSIBLE
Productora asociada: 996films
Producción ejecutiva: Walter Tiepelmann, Mario Durrieu

Dirección de Fotografía: Juan Hendel
Sonido directo: Omar Mustafá, Luis Alberto Corti
Operador de cámara: Darío Doria, Gustavo Schiaffino, Juan Hendel
Montaje: José Del Peón, Juan Hendel
Foto fija: Ignacio Leónidas
Postproducción de imagen y sonido: BApost, Julio Della Vecchia, Carlos Quiroga

Con el Apoyo del INCAA, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales.

Estreno Mundial

BAFICI, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Panorama, 2012)


BAFICI, Argentina, 2014
FICVIÑA, Chile, 2014 (Mención Honorífica)
CINE//B, Chile, 2014


THE STRETCH is an observational essay about the fragment, an abstract. (Cinematic) Form above the event in itself. Inmersed in the expansive pampas flatlands in the province of Buenos Aires, the villages which have survived the disappearance of the train, adapt to their new living conditions. One of the villagers travels in his own railroad vahicle. Built with his own hands, it has now become an essential parto f his day-to-day life. His journey is established along with that of the other villagers who join the reconstruction work of these abandoned tracks. A social individual alienated by the emptiness, faded. At the coreo f the film emerges the desire to construct a World with its own logic, self-sufficient, as if they were pieces of a mosaic. The texts of Henri Bergson create a dialogue with the images and accompany the voyage the film sets out.